BIG Gaming Mousepad

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Highest precision at maximum space

Over the past months together with the best German Counter-Strike team, Lioncast developed a mouse pad which offers a well-balanced surface and finally enough space for headshots!

The comfortable surface finds a perfect balance between speed and control. Players with the lowest DPI will have enough room to precisely complete every movement.

Extra large mouse pad with cloth surface, slip-proof back side and BIG logo print. The ideal combination of speed and control.


tabseN: “For several months we worked on our first mouse pad and improved it continiously. Our feedback was integrated into the developement in several steps and I’m more than pleased with the result!

Besides the smoothness, especially the size is crucial for me, because I generally need much space with my low-sens. The surface is very precise and completely meet my expectations. “


gob B: “The time has come – thanks to Lioncast we finally have our first own mouse pad! Together we worked on the perfect surface for a long time, drafted the design and chose the right dimensions.

Much work was put in the development, but I’m very happy. The surface is exactly how I like it and the large size provides me with enough space at all times – it really is a BIG mouse pad! “

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